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Quality and Service

Our principle is to provide each customer with the best quality for his requirements.

Continuous, consistent, reliable, stable prices

From tree to board

Our sources of supply

Long-standing and reliable relationships with our suppliers of round and sawn timber ensure our supply of first-class wood. Our partnerships range from Germany and neighboring countries to the USA and Canada.

Regular visits and inspections for quality assurance are a matter of course for us!


Selection begins in the forest. Certified, sustainably managed forests form the basis of our supply. 

Certified forests


Wood is a natural product and we treat it as such.


Proper and professional storage and care is a matter of course for us. The roofed open-air drying guarantees the best possible and gentle pre-drying of the wood.


Quality begins with air drying

If the weather does not play along, we help. Fully automatic ventilation systems ensure first-class wood colors through uniform pre-drying.


Gentle pre-drying

Gentle and slow pre-drying of the wood is the most important process for achieving the best results. Each type of wood has its own drying requirements.


850 cubic meters of drying capacity make us an efficient partner

  • 4 condensation dryers

  • 6 fresh air exhaust dryers

  • 2 vacuum dryers of the latest generation

Years of experience and optimized drying programs are the key to success.

In gentle drying processes, we achieve a residual moisture of

only 8-10 % as standard.

In addition, other desired wood moisture contents are available upon customer request.



Sorting that meets your requirements is our daily business. Individually on customer's request or in commercial standard grading. Almost everything is possible, just ask us


Edged lumber

  • Quality compliant

  • Moisture stable

  • Dimensionally accurate




  • Crack - free

  • Free of knots

  • Straight



  • Measurement after KD 

  • Grade sorting

  • Selecting on customer request



With our own fleet we deliver daily to our customers in Northern Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. Fast and flexible.  Return loads from suppliers and contract sawmills ensure optimal optimal efficency of the trucks.

Our in-house forwarders take care of regular transports to our customers in Southern Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, Denmark, Sweden and France.

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