Our forest - our future

Forests are one of the most important earth’s natural resources and therefore one of the most significant legacies for future generations. Ulrich Thiele Holzimport GmbH is firmly committed to this responsibility towards generations to come and makes a fundamental contribution towards the responsible use of these valuable and renewable resources.

The Forest Stewardchip Council® (FSC®) und the programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification® (PEFC®) are organizations with the aim of preserving forests by means of responsible management. A central issue is the equal representation of environmental, social and economic interests. The most important instrument of FSC and PEFC is a certification system which checks whether the commitments on forest management have been met in practice by forestry companies and verifies a subsequent chain of custody so that only woods from certified forests are awarded the FSC and PEFC seal. The rules of the chain of custody are following the tracks of wood from the forest to the end customer.

The use of PEFC and FSC certified woods guarantees that the products come from sustainable forest management. By meeting these standards Ulrich Thiele GmbH promotes an economically reasonable, ecologically sensible and socially beneficial forest management.