Wood has been our passion - for generations

In 1970 Ulrich Thiele founded the present company Ulrich Thiele GmbH Holzimport in Bielefeld. At the time the company’s core business was trading with sawn timber. Ulrich Thiele quickly recognized the benefits of using scantlings, friezes and cuttings for the lumber-processing industry. With a great deal of persistent persuasion and convincing arguments he managed to establish the basis for the acceptance of scantlings and friezes in industrial production.

Ulrich Thiele GmbH Holzimport at a glance:

  • scantlings/friezes/cuttings from all kinds of wood
  • pricing and quality guarantee due to storage and drying facilities at site
  • roofed storage for fresh and dry wood
  • product-specific care
  • PEFC®-and FSC® certifified
  • measurement after the drying process
  • standard and order-related sorting
  • fixed and custom dimensions
  • standard and custom-made qualities
  • just-in-time-delivery
  • commitment, commitment, commitment